Deposit Details

A deposit of $599 will be required to secure your booking. The deposit is made up of $500.00 for accommodation and a $99 Booking Fee inclusive of GST. A deposit by credit card is required to secure your booking - (a 2% fee applies). SETTLEMENT OF THE BALANCE OF THE ACCOUNT MUST BE PAID ONE MONTH PRIOR TO YOUR ARRIVAL IN WANAKA.

Please Note: As these are privately owned homes ALL BOOKINGS ARE SUBJECT TO OWNER APPROVAL and duration is a four night minimum stay with a seven night minimum stays during July School Holidays & Christmas/New Year.

All cancellations must be made in writing (email/fax) to Wanaka Accommodation. Cancellations that are made 30 days or more prior to the commencement of your stay will incur a loss equivalent to the booking fee. Should a cancellation be made between 29 and 15 days prior to your arrival the initial deposit & booking fee will be forfeited. However, if the cancellation occurs within 14 days of your expected arrival in Wanaka, the total accommodation cost and agent’s fee will apply.

As is common practice when travelling, we strongly advise guests to have Travel Insurance cover to protect themselves against unexpected changes to their travel plans.


  1. Not to remove any chattels from the property.
  2. Guests may occupy the premises no earlier than 4pm on the date of arrival.
  3. Guests must vacate by 10am on the date of departure, failure to adhere to this time may result in an extra night being charged.
  5. The Managing Agent shall be at liberty to charge any credit card for any breakages, damages, loss, replacement or repair of any items within the property. Guests/Cardholders will be billed via their credit card. Any damages or breakages must be reported to the Managing Agent immediately. All charges are subject to our discretion. This authority is valid for forty (40) days after the length of your stay.
  6. Not to use any of the owner’s linen. This WILL incur a separate charge of a $200 laundering fee which will be charged to the Credit Card supplied. Also if private linen is not provided by the Guest & Owners Duvets/Pillows are used then a laundering fee will also be charged. This will be determined on the amount used.
  7. Not to bring any animals to the property.
  8. NOTE: If you accumulate more bottles than the recycling bin supplied can hold, the excess must be taken to “Wanaka Wastebuster’s” glass recycling depot on Ballantyne Road prior to your departure. The same applies to excess blue council rubbish bags. These must be taken to the Council depot adjoining “Wastebusters”. Failure to do so will incur a disposal fee and this fee WILL be charged to your credit card.
  9. NO SMOKING INSIDE THE HOUSE. Please remove any cigarette butts from outside the property.
  10. Not to cause any disturbances to the neighbours.
  11. To permit the agent at all reasonable times to enter the property and view its condition.
  12. The premises must be kept clean at all times & the number of occupants must not exceed the number of beds provided for, or the number agreed to with the agent at the time of booking, (whichever is the lesser). Extra fees charged if additional persons found at property.
  13. We as Property Managers accept bookings in good faith and as such we cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control, i.e. fire, flood etc. In the event of any property being sold or withdrawn from letting, we reserve the right to cancel a booking on behalf of the owner, however, we will make every reasonable endeavour to find alternative accommodation.
  14. Guests acknowledge there may not be a phone supplied at the property. (We recommend you bring a mobile phone for your own use.) If a phone is supplied, please make all national and international phone calls TRANSFER CHARGE OR COLLECT. If account is received after departure you will be charged.
  15. The guest warrants to the Agent that he/she has agreed to this contract based upon his or her own judgement and accepts that such property is suitable in all respects for the guest’s needs.
  16. Should a cheque be dishonoured, the Drawer will be held liable for any collection or other costs incurred.
  17. If there is a BBQ at the property, Guests hereby agree to clean after it’s use. There will be a cleaning fee should this be overlooked.
  18. On departure it is requested that all rubbish is removed and the property left in a clean and tidy state. An additional charge will be incurred for removing rubbish and any excess mess from the property. Cleaning considered to be in excess of normal, will also incur an additional charge. This includes removal on any excess rubbish/recycling along with dumping fees. See item No. 8 above for details.
  19. Lost property. A fee of $20 will be charged for retrieval of any items left at the property.
  20. Should Vacant Possession be sought as instructed by Owner, then all monies paid are forfeited.
  21. Acceptance of these 'Terms & Conditions' will authorize the Manager to deduct any applicable costs.