Wanaka is one of New Zealand's fastest growing resort towns... and Meadowstone is one of Lake Wanaka's most sought after locations.

Wanaka MapIt's this location that makes Meadowstone so special - two minutes walk to the lake and 15 minutes to the town centre.

Meadowstone - it's close and convenient and it's warm and sheltered.... Location is everything and location makes Meadowstone your preferred lifestyle and investment choice.

And Meadowstone Villas are located in the heart of Meadowstone and only a stones throw from the Wanaka Show Grounds.


In 1993, Willowridge Developments Ltd purchased the land now known as Meadowstone. The vision was to develop a master planned high quality residential subdivision to meet the growing needs of the town. To date around 500 sections have been developed on this extraordinary site so close to Wanaka township and the lake.

Photo - Meadowstone Development

Originally this land was part of the Sargood's historic Wanaka Station property, farmed by the same family since the early 1900s. These home paddocks have forever had a unique and historic link with Wanaka's colourful past. This area was essentially the hub of station life and Wanaka Station was farmed on a grand scale - to the west of Stoney Creek the original woolshed and cookhouse buildings remain as important reminders to a very important chapter of Wanaka's history.

Meadowstone is sheltered, protected from lake winds and southerly winds, elevated and lying to the North - making it warm and inviting.

Through Meadowstone, Willowridge introduced new standards of residential subdivision to Wanaka. Being master-planned, the designers' vision has been to successfully blend an outstanding selection of low density residential sites with strong community and landscape values. All sections were carefully orientated to maximise sun, lake and mountain views. Careful attention and detail to roading design and layout and the incorporation of linked walkways has ensured a very pedestrian and family friendly community.

Reserves and a series of walking tracks provide easy access to the lake, together with extensive landscaping which includes specimen trees, stone bridges and entranceways, and cobblestone footpaths.

Meadowstone has always remained one of Wanaka's most desirable areas with both sections and homes throughout all stages always sought after. Testimony to this is the number of Wanaka local residents who have purchased in and moved to Meadowstone.


Its not that long ago that Lake Wanaka, in New Zealand's South Island, was a low profile town servicing the local rural community and a small cluster of outdoor sports pursuits. It often played second fiddle to its more high profile neighbour in Queenstown.

Photo - Lake WanakaBut that's all changed - WANAKA HAS BEEN DISCOVERED! ...It was always going to happen.

With its majestic unspoilt lake, splendour mountains, and abundance of recreational resources, Lake Wanaka has become one of New Zealand's fastest growing resort towns.

Wanaka is lucky - it's literally a town of four seasons! An alpine resort in winter, everyone's playground in the summer, punctuated by majestic Central Otago colours in autumn, and the lush vibrancy of spring.

There's something about Wanaka for everyone.

For more information about Wanaka visit www.lakewanaka.co.nz